I scream, you scream, no we’re not screaming for ice cream.

More like fighting for dollars and wicked schemes.

Turn a blind eye and might as well lose your hearing.

Overload on information and some people fearing things from the past, the present, and the future.

A moment of silence for the ones we have loss.

Oh wait, superficial images is what is flossed.

The addict needs their fix.

Trying to cut out all of the cyst.

Yea, he punched her with his fist… but it’s her fault… somehow… all well.

Lets turn on the news watching the war today.

Lonely hearts are always wanting bae.

The bumps and bruises tripping on life mistakes won’t easily go away.

Do you feel hopeless, helpless, and sinking more into depression?

A guy I knew from high school blew his brains out because the world treated him cruel.

The sheets cover the nakedness and the vulnerable state.

So many want a clean slate.

Lets cover it all with masks  after masks.

Drunk too much now there is an empty flask.

They lied to us and we’ll continue until the cycle is broken.

Running away and dropping some tokens.

Where’s your validation?

We’re all using credit and in debt turning on a human wheel.

You can’t hide and look weak expressing your emotions, your failures, your passion, or your dreams.

Looking both ways when crossing the street.

In a trance to think you’re nobody because you don’t have the house or luxury.

Who lied to you?

Focus on the starving baby who wants to cry but the tear ducts are dry due to the lack of water.

Distractions on not seeing the bigger picture and wading in a shallow pool.

Sometimes you have to bite the hand that feeds you because it’s controlling you.

Where are your sources and who started that gossip?

Acting so thirsty but pride made you take a little sip.

When you’re ready to speak life and wisdom, come and get me and wake me up.

Right now, I’m going to sleep.




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