2014-01-10 14.54.40


Fireflies and altered skies

Treating the hyper egos like a drive by.

Lovely lyrics, but don’t care to hear it.

Someone must be lost in the spirit.

My wings help me to fly away like Jenny.

So mix the Coke and Henny.

I won’t spend a penny.

I won’t be involved with you.

You act like you know me, but you really don’t.

You act like I’ll give in, but I really won’t.

And yet there are so many love songs.

I have a beat to a different drum.

Being classy in the hood and some.

If it’s not for me, I won’t reach.

Class is in session ready to teach.

Or in the church ready to preach.

Throw some respect on that name.

I made myself without the star studded fame.

So many state a claim that they can control and tame.

I keep marching  because it’s ashame.

Shame the glut and glory.

It’s a miracle to tell my story.

Girls hearts broken like Lori.

I’m in a zone.

Sometimes can’t be reach on the phone.

At times the greatest blessing is being alone.

It’s not always about the moan.

Who will drive you home?

Ready for a car crash.

Smash and dash.

But wishing it would last.

While everyone goes insane.

I will still maintain.



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