By Anangell Murray


On display at OPEN GALLERY: 2801 S. Floyd St, Louisville, KY 40209. The artist Purion Parker.





Future leaders and gifted individuals are never seen as the obvious. We’ll go about our busy day and look up to find someone we know who has become successful overnight. Although we know that success doesn’t happen overnight, we’ll overlook the tenacity of an individual who dared to dream big and his or her relentless efforts to build the foundation. We’ll even marvel at the fact that someone is doing well when the background tells an impossible story.

Muhammad Ali by Purion Parker

Just like anyone who inquires on how to raise to fame, the number one value is to take risk. Conquer your fear of failure.

“Keep on working on something that you are good at and overlook criticism.”

As I look at the paintings of this gifted artist, he dedicated his time in expressing himself and was gracious enough to share it with the world. He knew his potential and decided to make great use of his artistic abilities. If he had he given up and not continue with his talent, he wouldn’t have an art exhibit currently on display in Louisville, Kentucky.

“We make mistakes, but life goes on.”

Depending on your upbringing, you are going to dwell on the past mistakes and regrets. We are our worst critics. How you respond to the mindset gives you control over your life. Mistakes are going to happen. You have to do your best to correct it or if it can’t be fixed, move on. Life goes on and you learn from it and you continue down your path. The triumph is when you face it and you move forward to you accomplishments.

“Appreciate who is in your corner.”

I’m grateful to know this artist personally, and I believe people come into your life for a reason. When I discovered how gifted he was, I knew that his work would eventually be recognized, it was just a matter of time. One should always be happy about a person’s new role or achievements. It shows who you are as an individual and reveals any form of a jealous spirit. If you have a jealous spirit, it is obvious that you don’t know your worth.

“Love yourself and acknowledge what you’re great at.”

We all are good at something and can contribute in a way to show confirmation of your purpose in life. If you have mentor abilities, get out in the community and help a young person. If you can sing, go out there and let people know that you can sing. Join a choir at church, school, or other organizations. If you can write, write what intrigues you. Start getting into the writing communities online and become a speaker at an event. Use your talent. It can open doors and you’ll make a lot of friends along the way.


Jennifer Lopez by Purion Parker



If you don’t utilize your talent, you’ll never know your greatness.


*Purion Parker’s work is on display at the OPEN GALLERY, 2801 S. Floyd St, Louisville, KY 40209. It is opened to the public and will be on display until the middle of June 2016.


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