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As much as I have met for special occasions down at the Louisville’s Waterfront, I wasn’t fully aware of it’s possibilities of The Great Lawn constantly drawing big crowds. Bernie Sanders, Slick Rick and Doug E. Fresh were recently there. I have attended many Thunder Over Louisville gatherings, that I have kinda got burned out on the event due to the high volume of traffic. It’s a spectacular event, but it’s good to plan ahead.

Created with Nokia Smart Cam

I would stare at this loft so many times and now I realize how cool it would be a resident in one of the living quarters. I say this because of the different events that are always taking place on the Great Lawn. I would just have my binoculars on hand and zoom in on our special guests performing or speaking.

But as my mind drifts into more important things and priorities, I understand my roles and current priorities than just a simple fantasy living in a loft. There will always be the  Derby Festivals.

I have positioned myself to seize the opportunities that are in my grasp. There is a bigger picture that I’m painting with the grind that I’m on.

Maybe I’ll attend the next act that comes to the Waterfront. There will be another concert during the Independence holiday that I could attend. If I catch the event, I’ll catch the event. Sometimes I have a habit to doing things at the last minute. The projects that I have been involved in, have made me feel like I’m missing out. But in reality, I’m not. I’ll have plenty of time and opportunities to be entertained.

I’m happy with my journey. I’m starting to see the fruits of my labor and the road ahead of me is looking smoother. My hard work is finally paying off.

“Understanding your worth, is the most important mental task at hand.”


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