By Anangell Murray


One thing I know about my hometown is tis the season for horse racing. Opening day for Churchill Downs is April 30th, 2016, and some women are getting their hats and dresses ready for the big race.

There are a lot of events that takes place in the Derby City and it can be fun and entertaining. Thunder Over Louisville, a fireworks show, kicks off the Kentucky Derby Festival. The show has a high turnout and vendors set up shop to make that big cash from the Great Lawn.

We also cannot forget about the Pegasus Parade, the Balloon Glow, the Steamboat Race, and a few other events I’m leaving out. It’s usually a great time of the year for tourists from all over the world come and experience how Kentuckians party, especially galas leading up to Saturday May 7th.

There is a first for everyone and Mint Juleps are usually a crowd pleaser that entice new visitors to sip and part take in another Kentucky tradition. For the bourbon drinkers, there is an impressive list of Kentucky brands that sets the mood of getting your bets ready. I don’t know which horse is going to wear the rose garland, but I do know that it will be a grand accomplishment between the horse and jockey.

Only during this time of year I see my hometown come alive like tourist visiting a beach for Spring break. It gets crowded and people embrace the atmosphere by the festivities. I have witness servers and bartenders brag about having their bills paid up for months because of the horse racing attraction and what the events contribute to their lives.

Coming to Louisville, Kentucky for Derby is never a wasted trip. If you didn’t have a good time, it’s usually because you had no intentions of having a good time.





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