By Anangell Murray

BB (2).png

Frankly, I don’t care who wins the NCAA Championships this year. My team is not playing this year and a lot of people’s brackets are busted anyways. I usually catch people betting on their team to win, or put money on the overly confident Sweet 16, Elite 8, and Final 4 section. People can get worked up. Me personally would focus my energy on something else. Life will go on after the tournament is over. I’m not the fool that will tattoo my fav college basketball team on my arm or neck and claim the championship before the tourney is over.



Yea, I admit it. The foolery is real and some will burn couches and become obnoxiously rude because of their team. The only reason I watch the tourney is because my team usually gets in with their impressive record. It’s disappointing that I won’t see how far my team will get due to some stupid scandal and incompetent decisions that the school decided to judge upon.

Now I’ll be finding something else to watch, and it won’t be March Madness. To be honest, I have been too busy and focused on my projects and balancing other life circumstances. But I will be watching FIFA and see who wins this years World Cup.

So those who are going to be cheering their team to the championship, please do not be idiots and cost your town some money by vandalizing property. Please party responsibly and not prematurely call the title by getting your flesh tattooed.






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