There is something about music that can be relatable and therapeutic. It can be influential and it can be entertaining. I love how lyrics can tell a story. If I’m having a bad day or a bad break up, listening to music has gotten me through some ill moments.

I feel blessed to have been exposed to many different forms of music and elements. And listening to diverse styles gives me an opportunity to what the message is being portraying. This art is a gift that is embraced in my life. I enjoy, appreciate, and respect lyricist and musicians who produce and create it. I might not all of what is out there, but I do respect the art.

As a poet, I have been getting back into songwriting. I used to make up songs when I was a little girl, so it comes naturally. I have surprised myself in creating something that is original and engulfed with my essence, presence, and aspiration. I knew that I’m musically inclined and grateful to recognize it.

One thing that I do know is music has a way to bring people together. It’s a gravitating force has an amazing psychological affect to unite people. Music is life. Music is spiritual. Music is intellectual. Music is everything.


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