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Death can be the hardest thing to cope with. Too many memories can keep a person grieving. One can always be strong and accept that it’s a part of life.

I’ve had my share of funerals. A part of me just deals with it. We’re not promised tomorrow but we plan our weekly schedules. 

My aunt was struck and killed by a local news van in the beginning of 2015. Prior year, my dad passed due to a heart attack from the complications to MS.

I felt like a part of me didn’t want my dad to suffer so I was at peace with him passing away. But my aunt was a tragic shocker. My sorrow went out to my cousins who had lossed their mom in an unfortunate situation.


Anyone who has suffered a loss of a loved one deals with grief in different ways. I’ve seen a lot when it comes to observing others coping. I’ve noticed how some just act like it didn’t happen, severe depression, or trying to stay busy after the funeral.

I do encourage people to reach out to strong support groups and organizations if depression is hindering daily functions. Therapy is a great way to help cope with a loss.

No one is alone when that number is finally up. We will all die and someone will remember us in some form or fashion. I hope that my legacy will be inspirational.

If you’re dealing with grief, do not be hard on yourself. Everyone deals with grief differently and the pain just weakens. Be open with someone you can confide in. And do not isolate yourself for long periods of time. Keep a journal and write down your emotional experiences. Take time off of work and let your company be aware of your leave.

Only you can help with yourself to cope with death. And remember that it is okay to cry if you have to. Life won’t be completely the same, but it will get easier.




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