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October is Domestic Violence Awareness month. It is important to acknowledge that the problem is not a hot topic discussion. Just like human trafficking, modern slavery, and molestation, victims are subjected to the abuse. Domestic violence does not discriminate with social class, creed, religion, sexual orientation, education, race, and gender. Although women are mostly reported from the abuse, there are men who have been abused at a lower percentage.  The women are the most affected gender and at risk of being killed.

It takes 7-10 times for a woman to leave their perpetrator. The main source of control is the financial or economic control. If the perpetrator controls the money in the household , it is harder for the victim to desire to leave.  Victims are usually isolated and it’s hard to determine if abuse is occurring in the home. And usually the victim has a poor family support system. Sometimes drugs and the night life can be a contribution for abused women, but it is not the main reason why the abuse occurs. Most of the time, the abuser came from an abused home and model from their parents.

It is very important for a victim to seek help.  It is important to know the signs of an abuser and the tactics being used to gain control. DV education are usually taught at women shelters throughout the different cities. It’s always good to have an escape plan. If the victim or survivor can take the time to avoid going back to the perpetrator, the better of the outcome of healing and not slipping into another abusive relationship.

If you know of someone who is possibly being abused. Please reach out and be patient and gentle with the victim. Domestic violence can be a challenging moment for a person trying to live without fear of his or her future. Always stay in contact with the victim and continue to encourage the person that leaving is always the best option.


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