Not Limiting Recreational Activities

flowers ii

It seems like the older you get and the priorities in life become demanding, it is becoming a chore to just get out of the house to do things. It’s easier to just sit in front of a TV or a computer to distract yourself from the current personal reality. And then a person steps on the scale and isn’t happy with the numbers.

If one is not careful, this can be a perpetual cycle and can lead to low self esteem equating to depression. It is important to find motivation to take care of life responsibilities and to take care of self. It should be a balance.

Meditation in the morning should be a habitual action and is a great way to refocus the mind, spirit, and body. It allows an individual to become centered and opened to inner self. Having to go into the public and being exposed the different energies can help an individual to stay consistent.

The key component to self care is recreational activities. Breaking the habit of staying home is not an easy task. But once an individual has retrained self to exercising the body in an enjoyable way, the emotional and mentality changes to a positive affect.

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I enjoy going on nature walks and hiking. I don’t just limit myself to the gym. I might even work out at home. But when I’m feeling cooped up in the house, I find outlets to keep myself motivated physically. I am aware that I need to keep my personal balance in life in order to maintain a positive mind state.

Watching the sunrise or watching the sunset has always been a joy. It’s the simple things that helps me regain appreciation on how limited our time is here on earth. I don’t have to pay $10- $200 for the entertainment. It’s free and I can walk or run and enjoy the view.

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An individual should always remember to not limit recreational activities, we can make all of the excuses on why it’s hard to stay fit. But when it is time to go to the doctors and there is a negative report, preventive measures could have be used to maintain good health and self care.


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