The true definition of unity. A moment in time where people are not fearful. A moment in time where resources are not being taken over.

I bring this up as not stirring up strife and bitterness or hardship. I just remember a day where my mind concentrated on a simpler life. The one who focused on school, homework, playtime , and chores.

At then you learn about confusion, evil, and noise that concerns the wellbeing of humanity. We have a lot of inner growth to do as individuals to change certain problems that are common in society.

It’s like we’re marching uncoordinated and the presentation is hideous. Are we fooling ourselves? Or are we assuming that we can get by with the numbers and the status quo?

As beautiful as the handshake acknowledge, the current trends and laws are contridicting such efforts of true unity and love for one another.

Only time will tell what the future will dictate. All I know is that I was taught better and taught LOVE.


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