It’s Almost Here

Autumn is almost here
Beautiful colors from the leaves.

As the season is officially changing, there are so many things that will take place. Bon fires, fall festivals, and Halloween are fastly approaching.

It’s a special atmosphere being around some good buds and talking around the bon fire on a cool autumn night. Gazing up at the stars embracing nature can be a tranquil experience.

Pausing from the hectic lifestyle of doing this and doing that is therapeutic. We get so easily bombarded with our responsibilities. A night in nature fixes everything.

The amber color wood and the snap and the cracking from the fire should put anyone in a trance. While entrusting that the heat will comfort you.

The bon fires are magical. And it’s never the same interaction, new experiences happen every time I attend.

And what about the different festivals coming up? The weather is tolerable and people are ready to drink hot cider or hot chocolate. It’s end days of the farmers showing off prized produce.

The autumn decors are up and hay rides are fun. There are pumpkin themes everywhere. Pumpkin spice eveything is now available at your local gas station.

Who can forget Halloween? Candy corporations makes a billion dollar profit. And the limitless creativity of people and families welcoming Fall or celebriting Halloween can be exciting.

Some of us will be going through the time change and loving the extra hour of sleep. A hectic life equals a lack of sleep or desiring sleep. Sleep is as good as gold. Yes, sleep.

The football season is in full effect, and I laugh at the arguments on social media. It’s so easily consuming if you have a favorite team. The memes are the best to look at. Poor Tom Brady.

I will miss summer. People are no longer posting beach photos. It’s chili and soup season. Summer still has a place in my heart. So long summer. I look forward to you next year.


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