Perilous Moments


After seeing this message on a social media news feed, I was stunned for a moment. And then, my mind went 10,000 thoughts per minute (exaggerating a little) and became skeptical. Of course, when a post is threatening the people in public it can never be taken lightly.

My internal character was to empathize and alert my friends of this particular post by sharing it. And there were other ways of handling it by giving a tip to the police.

I questioned, why the extreme attack on innocent children and playing God? After reading that statement over and over again, one ponders on her motives. Apparently, her perspective or opinion of the condition of the world could be justified. However, it is unscrupulous to act in that manner.

Perception… perception… Right? Who knows what has happened to this young woman to even think in that aggression.

I couldn’t even fathom the preschooler parents who were exposed to the message and not reacting. Reacting to protect their children and the school officials on high alert of a possible attack.

Due to the threat, this female was contacted through law enforcement and the situation was handled. The question always reverts back to mental health. And one can argue that this was a typical cry for help. But she will not be the last person to express the need to harm others.

The vast majority of people who have lived for more than four decades, can openly say that school killings are the signs of the perilous times. And many can argue from a religious stand point that prayer and the Ten Commandments have been removed in which is causing the degenerating morality.

And then, my mind wonders on the fact that there are a few people who believes that the world is a cruel place and will not procreate because of this perception. This mentality could be considered a valid opinion. No existence, no chance of even dealing with shootings or any other evil encounters.

No children, no possible child support worries, and more money a person can make. It seems like the standard marriage and family with a house with a white picket fence is chronically declining. A loft with a domestic animal seems more reasonable.

It all depends on the individual, right? There is not a right or wrong answer to this dilemma. However, the right course of action is to vigilantly protect the public especially with the people who wants to harm others.  By staying alert, we can all work together to survive these perilous moments.


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