To Tolerate

2015-09-04 19.20.39

I get amused when someone who doesn’t know you well can quickly respond with a futile insight. “Get over it” or “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”.

This is very true for the right circumstances and you’re a well designed robot. But even robots need to be under constant supervision and maintenance.

How can a person get over constant crisis? From verbal harassment to sexual harassment to even rape. From gun violence to fleeing. From physical aggression to defamation. From a house fire to natural disasters.

Yes, a person needs counseling to process the grief and the truma. However, I admire people who doesn’t know psychology or clueless about self care, and yet function well.

It is inhuman for a young girl to accept molestation or be exposed to the sex trade. And yet, this is a normal tradition in some cultures.

Or it’s acceptable to be in an organize crime or militant groups in order to spare immediate families.

Or a child suffering from a malnourished lifestyle due to the environment or the intentional or unintentional neglect from the family.

Just these issues alone are mind boggling and astounding on how strong an individual can endure and survive.

Or being discriminated and bullied due to your race, religion, sexual preference, creed, appearance, passive behavior, or even social class.

Or years of being in an abusive relationship and the courage to leave without dying.

So getting over these unfortunate circumstances is a miracle within itself.

After tolerating these severe extremes can take a mental toll and some individuals explode or form post tramatic stress disorder.

The painful experience can be blocked in the mind for many years as an individual tries to live a normal life. But the problem is that life decisions can be corrupt and an individual can’t cope.

Therefore, self care is very important and vital for healthy progression. And mental health should be promoted with dignity and not seen as a person weak or demented.

Yes, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger… but it all depends upon the individual and the circumstances.


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