EXTRA! EXTRA! READ ALL ABOUT IT!!!! We live in a world that we have been lied to or we are the liars. Or a bit in between, so take your pick. Does it benefit us as we continue to find innovative ways in our lifestyle to manipulate to our advantage?

Those might be harsh words, but in reality, it can be an advantage or it can be a downfall to the moral or the karma perception of an individual. It’s not for me to judge, but I wonder it there is a metric system and a tally method to keep up with the scores. Meaning, lies don’t go away.

I remember growing up and hearing my elders mentoring me about the importance of telling the truth. Well, after growing up and experiencing life in its raw-hood. Many people have gotten ahead on convincing others to believing their stories/fibs.

This type of reality makes a person wonder if keeping his or her own integrity intact or doing the right thing really pays off.  I totally understand why it’s hard to maintain a -ship whether it’s business or personal. Especially if you were brought up on the straight and narrow. Integrity and hard work pays off, right?

This can be frustrating to some, or it can be nonchalant to some. Then again, it’s up to the individual on his or her upbringing. Sometimes I think about the famous line from the movie, “A Few Good Men” stating, “…You can’t handle the truth!”

Can ignorance be bliss? Or can it be the garden bed to spring up the inevitable or the reaping due to our consequences or actions? The truth of the matter is… TRUTH HURTS.


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