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To this day, I appreciate my professor in my Ethics class. I had learned a lot and I still see that things are still the same when it comes to humanity. He said, “If you are not angry, then you’re not paying attention.” That quote is permanently embedded in my brain and there is nothing anyone can do to persuade me otherwise.

I appreciate the people who have fought for human rights because we would still have legal segregation if it wasn’t for Martin Luther King Jr. We wouldn’t have a potential woman President in the near future if it wasn’t for several women activist. I can definitely understand the motives of such movement and involvement. If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.

After learning about Enron and Tyco and the scandal that affected a mass of the American people, it was more than politics. People who have worked twenty or thirty years to only wake up one day to not having a pension for retirement is appalling to me.

Thanks to the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, this limits corporations (to a certain extent) cooking the books.

Even a foolish and racist remarks from Donald Trump about Latino and Hispanics didn’t resonate well. The repercussions caused a backlash and the ties cut from Univision airing the Universal Beauty Pageant.

travon martin balloon release
Trayvon Martin balloon release at the Waterfront in Louisville, Kentucky.

It is important to be involved in something you stand for. I am more moved by people who contribute in a dignified stance. When I see people stating facts and not opinions, it is very appealing. I highly respect people who exhibits class without demeaning others.

It puzzles me that we have so many controversies and not utopia. We have so many issues and not unity. Children are taught at an early age to demonstrate good character and a healthy morality, but we have conflict and war.

However, if a person feels strong about something that affects them within society, a person has every right to protest and petition anything that is not morally correct. Unfortunately, we have a lot going on in society that needs to be corrected.

Again, if you’re not angry, then you’re not paying attention.


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