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We have been getting a lot of rain in my area. We usually have a scorching, breath gasping, intensified heat index of 100°.

I am not complaining because the sky has revealed beautiful transitional phases of the disturbance. The precipitation has been frequent in our area.

Since I live in a valley area, the humidity can be crucial for asthma sufferers or anyone with respiratory problems.

I spoke to a pediatrician in my community, and she was informing me of the increased ill related appointments during this time of the year due to the heat.

The farmers should be happy, and lawnmowers should be gripping. I, am in the happy median. The air feels crisp and the heat is bearable.

Anybody working outside (in which I have in the past), appreciates this weather, especially warehouse workers.

We have been getting reports of flooding, but it is not a major factor.

Anyone can chant, “Rain, rain, go away”, and I say, “No way”.


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