The New Year is a representation of starting over, initiating change, and/or new beginnings. I admire anyone who is into self-improvement and prolific expedition of advancement. With that resonating in the mind, mind over matter is the significant power of free will of choice as the clock ticks and the body still functions. Some people didn’t live to see 2015 and affected relatives memorialize the death of a loved one.

As time keeps passing and evolution is prominent. The mechanism of adaptation will continue to enlighten students and produce future leaders assisting change. Patients will continue get advice from current doctors on proper dieting. The newest car will be designed by brilliant engineers. The hottest videos will be trending viral worldwide. The gawking fashion will be worn and striding down the catwalk. The list can go on and on.

This year is personal for me because I have been channeling my way in the process of adaptation. It has been an interesting journey and I feel like my mind metaphorically has taken flight to new heights or new levels. I’m very optimistic of what my expectations and benchmarks are for 2015. I can only speak for myself and I am subconsciously aware that the masses are on different treks. There are so many polarization and variations that I cannot fathom how another individual is viewing this New Year.

Liberation and no servitude of relaying past mentality, and I have mentally changed as I am focused to newness and conformity. And it’s conformity of continual progress and ambitions that are nostalgia inside of my heart to impact my life and others around me. I feel like I’m just getting started on my pursuit and still have knowledge to ever endeavor as I’m achieving my goals in 2015.

I hope and pray for the best and welcome anyone who is feeling the way I am feeling… hopeful.


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