New book, “Life, Hope, & Pain”

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I feel like the roaming is for a reason.
I argue with the un-mention.
Too much tension and someone’s heart is breaking.
I want to be there to care.
Life sometimes is not fair.
Keep pushing against the wind ’til a new direction comes.
Love is not lost or blind.
Never de-value anyone including self.
Sometimes certain things have to remain on the shelf.
Moments perfect what needs to be revealed and opened.
I had to kill insecurity with a knife five years ago.
His buddies were failure and ignorance and they had to die too.
Empowerment and worth embraced me.
It’s a new season in roaming.
It’s not in vain the pain and the rain.
The heart will find love to fill and leave a pleasant aroma.
The rose petals will feel good to touch again.
She got up and is stilling standing.
He got up and found understanding.
… The roaming is for a reason.

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