The Clear to Scarlet Eye

The clear to scarlet eye

Okay. So I’m on my trial testing of another over the counter allergy medication. I’m hoping that this will treat my symptoms of the watery itchy irritation. I’m tired of excusing myself in public everytime an abrupt sneeze attack occurs.

I love this time of year, unfortunately, the pollen is sinister and I have to find effective pills that will gracefully allow me to enjoy spring. In previous years I’ve had to use the nebulizer and have series of breathing treatments to relieve the wheezing. I was also prescribed medication that has steroids in which gave me an adverse affect of increased appetite.

I have even been accused on a previous job of using marjuinana whenever my eyes would get puffy blood shot red. Instead of getting offended, I just laughed because of the irritation and diminished vision was surely the allergic reaction to pollen. Having puffy and baggy eyes are not great imagery due to one looking like a boxer who have loss a match. And I highly recommend not to take a selfie.

But this year in the valley I have wised up and started my over the counter pills early before the flowers grew. I’m hoping this will save me the additional steps to the emergency room. Allergist are predicting the pollen count will continue to stay high for the remainder of spring and into summer. And I am prepared to cope.

My method has been pills, eye drops, and menthol ointment. Hopefully the efforts will prevail beyond to two seasons if necessary.


2 thoughts on “The Clear to Scarlet Eye

  1. Let me give you a list that where some may sound like it’s coming straight from Big Momma:

    1) Sliced potatoes on eyes
    2) Washing hair to rid of pollen
    3) Cool rag for covering eyes
    4) Change filter in furnace and circulate fan in house (HEPA filters with different micron sizes from Lowes, Home Depot…etc)
    5) Wear glasses
    6) Local honey (still skeptical about this one)

    I know that area is tough this time of the year. Don’t miss it at all! I know of people who have gotten tested to see what they were allergic to (which is just about everything), get medication, and still have problems. I use to take a certain Benadryl (can’t remember which one) before I went to bed that worked well. I would wake up feeling great! But when it wears off, I would look for some like a junkie 🙂 Started feeling like I was dependent of the pills and the problem was more in my mind than physical. Didn’t like that feeling and just dealt with it. Once I left those pills alone, I felt better. Hasn’t bothered me since 2004. Hope these alternatives help. If not, Good luck with the over the counters.

    1. Thx Smiley. I had tried the local honey but it never worked. The potato on the eyes I might try. The filters are changed timely. I would rather find natural alternatives compare to the over the counter drugs, but it’s keeping me from severe allergy attacks. Thanks for the suggestions. 🙂

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