Springy Chooo!

Springy Chooo!

Oh what a wonderful season. There are fewer chances for snow in the region. I won’t have to hear people complain about the winter but now there are more chances for thunderstorms and tornadoes in the forecast. The children counting the days for summer break. There are more daylight hours. I’ll see more pedestrians, joggers, and cyclist travelling down trails and streets. Who can forget the wonderful bliss of suffering with seasonal allergies?

Some adults will not miss the snow and ice. It was mischief and parents were not liking school closing because of some staying home and deducting needed money from work. From the social media buzz a collective group begging winter to die or jokes about the inaccuracy of the groundhog prediction. It was healthy and sly expressions of the grueling cold season. Most of the comments were hilarious. And now that spring is here, there will be precarious severe weather and twisters.

For people who suffer with seasonal affective disorder, the daylight will be on their side. The needed vitamin D from the sun will help revive individuals who want to sleep all the time. The moods will be more pleasant and vibrant and more work will be added to the agenda. There will be an increase of people taking walks on their breaks and more cyclists out riding throughout the city.

The problem I have with spring is the seasonal allergies. Pollen is not my friend. I have to play Russian roulette on which over-the-counter pill will help me get through my adversity. I’ve tried the local honey to build up immunity to the pollen and it’s not affective. However, I do enjoy the beautiful blooms on the trees and from the flowers.

Since I live in an older structure, I have to be on the lookout for the trespassing of the ants. For those who have sung, “The Ants Go Marching” in elementary, I literally see them on occasions congregating in my kitchen single file trying to find food. I have to get out the bug spray and destroy their diabolical plan.

Yes, it is a wonderful season but there are some tradeoffs. I have to make a checklist of things to keep me from sneezing, swollen watery eyes, and a stuffy nose. It’s a requirement for me to stay vigilant during this time of year or suffer the consequences.


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