Messes are things we all have to clean up. Regardless of the situation being intentional or unintentional, it’s inevitable. In life, we all cannot frolic in the fields holding hands and singing in unison. Somebody wronged us or a fender bender just happened on the road.
Hopefully, the objective goal for messy conflicts is to resolve mannerly. Unfortunately, there are people who refuse accountability in their actions or want to cheat. This causes conflict or the problem to become chronic or ongoing. The parties dealing with the issue has to endure patience for the end result. Idealistically, the end result should favor the victim for reconciliation.
We can all learn from our messy situation and do our best to “fix it”. Thank goodness this particular incident is less intense. My carelessness caused my situation. What I learned from dropping the pan of buffalo wings on the floor is, I should have held the pan with both hands.
The orange red spicy anticipation fell to the floor. And as much traffic goes into the kitchen, the wings couldn’t be recovered. I was limited in quantity and time and had to substitute something else at the dinner table. The consequence did affect my family that night and they were slightly disappointed.
My current mentality by default:
“The buffalo wings coming out of the oven will not fall to the floor.”
I will use proper material to ensure that my fingers will not burn. I will also use both hands to take the pan out of the oven. I am determined that this mess will not happen again.


2 thoughts on “WHAT A MESS

  1. With no one else around, I think my iniquities will be kept hidden. If the senses don’t detect the presence of another, I must be alone. Wrong!
    Its a tricky thing, doing what I know I shouldn’t do. Followed by not ‘cleaning up’ behind myself, ‘owning’ what is mine, rather than blame, denial, evade. Piling more on top of an already full plate. Where does it end?
    When I finally get tired of all the broken hearts I leave behind, including mine, I’ll do something different, like taking responsibility for my choices.
    Every little thing I do, finds its way back… to me.

    1. Liberating. Just the concept of trying to improve something inside of yourself due to whatever motivates or inspires a change is good. Life is a beautiful thing, and to be able to learn and progress in maturity is awesome. No judgment here.

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