Growing up, it mattered having friends and peers sitting with you in the school cafeteria. Being able to carry on a conversation about what’s on T.V./Internet, school crushes, and dislikes were the social norm. Having buddies were important but in reality, not significantly relevant at that time. The emotional attachment was to be accepted in a local community as a young person growing up.
As I have gotten older, I know how important it is to network and keep in touch with as many people possible. I took a Career Development course in college and the number #1 way of landing a job was networking. I had also learned that having strong references and letters of recommendations with my resume were helpful.
Having influential people in your life is very important. It can help with school/college admittance, scholarships, jobs, promotion, etc. And the list can go on and on. I also learned how one’s integrity must stay consistent and be considered valuable to one’s character. I have had people mention me and spoke insightful comments on my behalf at a job or doing volunteer work. When I would hear about the good feedbacks, it gave me a sense of accomplishment and appreciative esteem.
Using this particular wisdom of connecting with people has been a wonderful experience and I am grateful for the awareness. I would not function efficiently without the important essentials of networking. It has opened many doors and has given opportunities to others through observance.
Another relatable issue on “Who you know” are the good deeds being done by generous people every day. Sometimes I would hear on the radio about someone paying for someone else’s groceries, paying for someone’s surgery, returning money, etc. To me, I appreciate listening to these intriguing stories because we as a population are constantly bombarded with negative information. It’s typical to see in the media about different wars, unsettled political issues, and crime. Even the bickering/gossip at work is too much.
So when I see the positive things of what people are doing, I believe it’s balancing and shaping my perception and I soak up these details. It helps me to know that there are compassionate people who care about others and not just themselves.
Everyday as life grants us the moments to access our choices through free will, never forget your network circle. Always maintain your integrity, and you might get a tickle in your bones by helping someone. It’s not always about what you know, but who you know.


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