Winter Blues

Winter Blues

Although there are many complaining about this winter and how horrible it is. I have learned to embrace the blistery cold, ice, and snow. We cannot completely control what nature does outside. It has been a bad winter in my area, but it could be worse. I always try to remind myself that it could always be worse.
What I don’t comprehend are foolish drivers who wonder why their car is in a ditch when driving at normal speed. There is no need to drive the speed limit when there is ice and snow on the road. As a matter of fact, common sense will tell you to “drive” below the speed limit so you will arrive at your destination safely. But it never fails that I see cars on the highway that has swerved into the snow/ice covered median… or a ditch.
I remember some winter storms that would shut my area down and the schools are cancelled for a week. The winter storms that bring ice are no fun either. The last ice storm that occurred felt kinda like a set back of an era. Thank goodness my house at the time had a gas stove and we had a back-up generator that could last us for several hours. We had to make sure the refrigerator was closed tightly so the food wouldn’t go bad. And then check on neighbors and family to see if they were okay.
It does amaze me on how people are willing to pull together during frantic or crazy natural disasters. When people realize that it takes teamwork in order to make it through difficult situations, most arguments cease. Survival tactics become a reality and compassion sinks in.
This winter might be a bad one, and there are no guarantees that the spring will be a warm one, at least the landscapes are beautiful. I can take pictures all day and enjoy the beauty as collector editions. I enjoy seeing the children playing as long as their hands and body are warm. Otherwise, I’ve seen children crying and sobbing on how they caught frost bites on their hands and face.
So people can complain and complain and whine. Winter will still be here (because this is the season that we’re in), and people just need to suck it up. Drive careful. And check on loved ones.


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