Holiday Wreckers II

Holiday Wreckers II

So Target was a target. I think the hackers have a very funny sense of humor. It’s not funny to the victims involved, but this is a representation of organized crime at its finest.
I watched a segment on the news on how personal information (from the card) can wreck havoc. Tisk! Tisk! Tisk! What a mess that needs to be cleaned up. Forget losing your card on the days of Christmas shopping, consumers can be vulnerable to another possible breach at any store. Oh the feeling of security in an insecure world. Most likely, people are using cash and using gift cards for more protection.
It’s mind boggling on how the data was breach through the computer system. And there are plenty of Americans who use their debit or credit cards on a daily basis. From a cup of coffee to pumping fuel at the gas station, a lot of people are dependent on their cards. I am guilty as well to constantly using my cards.
I hope that Target will ensure customers that they can continue to shop with their plastic money. Otherwise, this could happen again and the criminals are not taking a day off.


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