The Bullet Exit (Family Friendly Pic)

The Bullet Exit (Family Friendly Pic)

I got your attention on my low budget skill of drawing. Haha! Talk about it if you want, but I really want to point out something… gun violence.

I do not believe that there is going to be a change in controlling gun violence in America. It’s a standard mentality of no one caring unless a family member or friend is shot. Can we as a country find a solution to minimize the senseless act? Yes I agree that an individual has the right to bear arms but my heart goes out to families who lost a loved one.

One can argue that it’s a mental health issue or a lonely person in rage or thugs needing to kill. However, the problem will continue to reoccur unless a stronger strategy is implemented in this nation.

Once again, people need to light a candle and say a prayer. The awareness of tomorrow not being promised (especially with gun violence) can occur any day to anyone in America.


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