Positive Power

Positive Power

It is amazing on how seeing positive messages and hearing positive words can improve our moods. It can be a person who is truly concerned about your dilemma and the right words can change your perspective. I have had that happen to me on numerous of occasions. And when I hang around negative people, I am drained by the end of the day.

As I had gotten older, it is important to me to choose who is in my circle. I cannot tolerate racism, abusive people, and gossipers. After dealing with many conflicts in people, I have weeded out and ignored those who are unstable with their emotions, security, and morality. Life is hard as it is and to have more weight of negativity can ‘slow’ things down. Problems will occur in this imperfect world, but it is all about character and reactions.

I shake my head at people who criticize others who are ‘different’ or their background isn’t the same as theirs. Those are the people who motivate me to stay away from them or to block them out of my view. We all have flaws and appearances that make us unique. Our thought processes might be different from another, however, it doesn’t mean a person is ignorant. We are all ignorant in something.



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