Cartoons! Cartoons! Cartoons!

Cartoons! Cartoons! Cartoons!

There are so many cartoons produced that it can make someone’s head spin. I remember growing up to Saturday morning cartoons which was Looney Tunes, Mickey Mouse, The Smurfs, G. I. Joe, He Man, She Ra, Scooby Doo, Richie Rich, Transformers, and the list goes on. I am definitely telling my age because most of these animations came out in the 80’s and some in earlier times (like Scooby Doo, Mickey Mouse, and Looney Tunes).
Now I cannot even count how many cartoons have ever been made over a series of time. Now cartoons can be view 24/7 thanks to certain channels and the Internet. Children should be entertained to the point that their children’s children should never be bored. I haven’t factor in computer games, video systems, and phone games. There are plenty of animations and entertainment that it’s inevitable in modern technology for someone to be exposed.
But I wonder if children are watching too much and being over stimulated. I have heard so many debates on the subject. Children should be limited on watching television for no more than two hours a day. I hear that advice echoing in my head right now. And then there are different cartoons that have ratings for maturity levels. Parents have a lot of responsibilities to maintain children’s safety in regards of viewing purposes.
Again, I wonder if families can really adapt to the changes on how children are viewing cartoons in the modern world. There are so many images that are being thrown at people daily, let alone what children are exposed to. It is consistent visuals in maximum overdrive… everyday. A child should not be complaining if at home on a day of doing nothing. The remote to the TV is there, pick-cartoon-any-cartoon. Pick-a-game-any-game.


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