People and seasons


As time continues to progress in my life and I have notice the value of friendships and relationships. There are so many people who have either learned a lesson (or maybe a couple of lessons), or still going through interpersonal relationships. There are so many behaviors I have seen in my life journey. It seems to me that I have learned several lessons dealing with people.

So many people have came into my life for a season or reason. I know that the term sounds cliché, but it is really true. I don’t even hang out with people from my early childhood. Now there are many people who I have kept in contact with during my teenage years, but it all depends on that particular person I know. I can only speak for myself on the reason why some people are no longer in my life. And most of the time it’s the character of that person that causes me to stray away from them. Now I know that I’m not a perfect person, but I do value the essence or the spirit of a person. It’s usually the predominate negativity harbored in a person that causes my avoidance. Sometimes it might be in the first time of meeting that person, or it might take years to come to the conclusion that someone can no longer keep in contact with me. I try to be reasonable in this world full of different personalities and beliefs. And also add maturity in the mix.

At the end of the day, it’s an experience that I realize that I’m learning from. I thought that I have seen it all, but I probably haven’t. And in reality, I am grateful for the people who are still with me in my four seasons and beyond. 



2 thoughts on “People and seasons

  1. Ms. Message Purpose, wishing you a “special day” today and more to come. I may not have spoken to you in years, but still think about you. I also check out your wrritings on your blog. I hope this is not awkward to you. Have a wonderful day.

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