As I reflect on celebrating the American holiday. So many thoughts come to my head. In today’s culture, it’s all about eating with friends and family we love and support. However, just like Halloween, Thanksgiving has credibility but trails on a darker side.

If I was to appreciate the holiday, I reflect on the ‘family’ aspect. In my earlier years growing up, I ate with my dad side of the family.  My mom’s side of the family suffered a lot of fatalities so the fear of ‘getting close’ was an understatement. However, I was able eat good food with my family in general  and enjoy the conglomeration of my family roots and upbringing. We had funny moments and bad moments but equated to supporting the family as a whole. But I have always remembered who cooked what and pitching in on cutting vegetables for the sides. Those are good times for me because I saw my family ‘coming together’.

As times change, I acknowledge that there are different dynamics that define the American holiday tradition to some. Not everybody is able to gather as a big family.  Some are struggling and have to eat at a community organization to eat. Some will eat alone. Some will eat with family but hide true emotions. Some will reveal true emotions in front of other family members. Some will have an awesome time gathering with family. Some will visit different Thanksgiving depots with the family. Some will eat out. Some will forget the holiday for background beliefs.

Regardless of the reasoning, my mind always reflects on my upbringing. I wonder what others could say about ‘their’ Thanksgiving perspective and traditions.   


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