A former meth user

[This is based on a true story. Due to confidentiality and unauthorized permission to disclose name or Grocery Company, the story has limited information to protect certain identities.]

As I was at the grocery store talking to a store clerk, a lady was at a self-checkout lane and was finishing checking out her items. She had to scan the cough syrup and she had to be carded. The store clerk explained the reason for the prompt and cleared her to continue to check out. The store company has joined a program to war against methamphetamine in recent years.

While I was standing there with the store clerk, the lady began to explain how she was on meth and how she had been clean for two years. She remembered being up for several days and staying uppity while under the influence. Her insomnia streak was 15 days on occasions. She had lost a lot of weight and was always in a zone. She also explained and showed a picture of the front end of her car (from her phone) being completely totaled.  She didn’t lose her life nor did the severity of the crash affect her emotionally because the drug had suppressed her natural psychological state of reacting.  I asked her if battery acid was an ingredient used for the drug and she nodded her head yes. She spoke about times of watching the reality show Cops and when a driver gets busted for meth.  Her mind and mouth can recall the acidic taste from the drug. She also revealed that she had work done to her top central teeth because of corrosion. She smiled and I could tell that she was grateful to be alive. The store clerk and I praised her and appreciated her sharing her story. She left and I walked off pondering on her testimony.

Hearing that lady’s story that day changed my perspective on coming clean from methamphetamine. There is hope for people who struggle with the addiction. I was told it is nearly impossible to free from the habit, but I was proven wrong that day. I hope that she continues to share her story and encourage others to overcome the detrimental dependence. For the lady being vulnerable to open up on her past drug abuse took strength and courage. It amazed me on how a stranger can share her story and how it has impacted the store clerk and me that day.

I am a firm believer that a person can defeat drug addiction. And there are many who battle from the affliction and scars and fall every day. But there is help out there. In this world, nothing is new under the sun. As long there is breath in the body, there is hope for people to come clean.


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